Short Paragraph on Nuclear Energy (360 Words)

Here is your short paragraph on Nuclear Energy !

Nuclear energy is basically the use of exothermic nuclear process that is used to generate useful electricity and heat. This term usually includes nuclear fusion, nuclear fission, and nuclear decay.


The energy comes from the nucleus which is the core of an atom. Nuclear energy has risen to be the subject of national conversation recently with the rise in need of meeting the world`s power needs.

Nuclear energy usually arises from its two main processes- the Fission and Fusion. Nuclear fission basically works by splitting an unstable uranium nucleus releasing energy. This process is what is mainly used in nuclear reactors that help in boiling water and creating steam which helps in turning the turbines and creating energy.

The drawback in this aspect is that the leftover burnt material remains radioactive for years together. Nuclear fusion on the other hand is a process of very clear energy and has great impact. The only drawback is that it requires very high amount of heat and the isotopes of hydrogen is what is being used here which is an unlimited source and hence may last for a lifetime.

Nuclear energy has both advantages and disadvantages:



The amount of energy released is great and the fear of running out of power supply is ruled out. Nuclear power runs on uranium which means that it would be more efficient that running on coal or oil. They are more dependable than other energy plants and are not vulnerable to market fluctuations. They do not emit greenhouse gases which affects global warming. This is cheap and helps in providing jobs to many. The greatest advantage is the usage of nuclear medicines in incurable diseases like Cancer Therapy and in medical process like CAT scan and MRI machines.


Nuclear energy emits high level radioactive waste, which when not disposed with careful measures could be harmful. They take thousands of years to become inactive. The meltdown of nuclear power is very dangerous and carful measures need to be taken care of foreseeing these possibilities.

On the whole, nuclear energy is safe to use and one among the best sources of energy.

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