Paragraph on My Joint Family – by Soumyajeet


Joint family systems are integral to the culture and integrity of India. It is in these joint families where we get our first lessons in unity and therefore forward the lesson learnt to more diverse grounds like the neighbor-hood and the community.

Joint families are integral to the development of the moral backbone of a civilization.

My own family:


I am lucky enough to live in a joint family of fifteen members. We have four generations living under the same roof. My great grandmother, at eighty two is the most vivacious member of the family and has tied the whole family with her strictness and affection. My grandfather is also a jolly man but being a retired army officer, he is very particular about discipline.

My grandmother is like an angel, she is a beautiful lady, and a wonderful cook. The next generation has six members, my parents, my elder uncle and aunt, my younger uncle who is a bachelor and my aunt who is a widow. My parents and my elder uncle are executives in our family business in textiles. I have a cousin brother and sister, both of who are older than me and an own elder sister.

Throughout the day we keep the house on fire by our mischievous tricks. The last two members are Ramu Kaka, the elderly manservant, who is as good as a member and Jimmy, a Labrador puppy, who is our best friend. As both my parents are working, we all brothers and sisters are taken care of by my elder aunt, who is a homemaker. She never discriminates between her own children and us. She takes care of us and scolds us when needed. Also, she is a fantastic singer.

She teaches music in her free time. My younger uncle, who is now in college, is a lively person; he spoils us with chocolates and plays with us. We brothers sleep with him, while our sisters sleep with great grandma.


The one member we all are scared of is my other aunt, who is a school principal and thus in charge of our studies. But it is due to her stringent routine that we brothers and sisters always top in academics. She takes us for small educational trips to museums and monuments.


My family is very modern, my mother can follow her interests in business and my other aunt who was widowed after my eldest uncle expired, lives in our house and is treated by my grandparents like their own daughter. I am happy to be a part of such a family.

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