Paragraph on My Role Model My Parents – by Rajan

My role models are my parents because they have always stirred me in numerous critical situations. They are my power, strength, and energy.


Every individual must boast a role model in everyday life. A role model or an ideal is a person whom we revere, venerate and aim to be similar to.


He or she could be someone at office, home, school or anyplace whom we have convened or perceived for a certain period of our life.

My mother:

My mother; she is my inspiration. She is my soul and life. I often speculate how she controls all of her duties simultaneously and so amazingly and at the end gets all things prepared on appropriate time. She controls the entire family in an easy way.

She is a school teacher. She needs to go to the school early in the morning.

She speedily completes her school work every-day and returns back to the house in the afternoon. She prepares delicious and appetizing food for all family members. She completes all household work such as washing clothes, cleaning groceries etc.


She directs the monetary system of my family. She clears all bills on time such as electricity bill, telephone bill, newspaper bill etc.

I am inspired after watching her busy schedule. Many times I pursue her opinions in case of intricate situations. She has given me the inspiration to live life blissfully. My respect for her has been increased after knowing the rush life that she lives. She is my role model forever.

My Father:

My Father; he is a person whom I revere a lot. His hard working personality and tranquil nature have immersed my mind.

My granny always reminds me about our family history. We were very poor when my father was a young boy like me. He used to work in a shop for paying the academic fees. Apart from this, he was managing the financial requirements of family.

My father is a well-educated person. He has completed the bachelor’s degree in commerce field. He works as a manager in a reputed bank.

He goes to the bank early in the morning and returns back late at night. He still works over-time for managing the fiscal needs of our family. No matter how much he is tired after the work, he always takes good care of the entire family.

My parents constantly persuade me in all aspects and induce me even after I fail to achieve something. They often smile at me, regardless of the conditions and that confers me the power and stimulation to prevail over all tribulations.

Whatever kind of person I am now and whatever I will grow to be in the future rivets the encouragement and love of my parents. They have shaped me as a sincere, devoted and honest person.


A role model can never be limited to a prominent person or to a celebrity. It can comprise all people who instigate us. For me, my parents are the biggest role models.

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