Short Paragraph on My Brother (435 Words)


Here is your short paragraph on my brother:

God has blessed me with a lovely brother. He is 4 years younger than me. I love him very much. His name is Ajaz. I call him Ajju. He is very naughty and very much attached to me.

I still remembered that day when he was born. He is a pre-mature baby.


He was born very thin, small just like soft cotton. When he was born he hardly sleep and cries a lot. He never allows me and my parents to sleep. I was never attached to him when we have a little baby because he always used to cry for no reason. But our brotherhood started taking place when he started growing.

When he started growing up to 4 months old he started recognizing me as his family member. I gradually started playing with him and taking care of him. I starting loving the way he used to touch me. Mom was very happy to see us playing together.


When he became a little older we started playing together. Then he started understanding the things and started snatching away all my toys from me. I used to get ignited the way he used to do. But then my parents taught me that he is my younger brother and I should make him learn to share things.

I used to make him understand to share the things but then too he sometimes fight over small small things. He used to snatch things, hit me and run away but never gave up. As time passed by he grew older and older but our fights also grew with time.

I love fighting with him now because I have realized that’s the essence of our relationship. No matter how much we fight over things but deep down we both love each other deeply. We bully each other and pull each other’s leg but we cannot live without each other. We share the same school and have common friends. Going to school together is a real fun. As Ajju is younger than me I help him to complete his home work and projects.

We do a lot of secret things without informing our parents and if being caught we join hands to deal with the situation. Life is fun being together. As we are growing old day by day we are facing life’s reality and becoming more responsible towards our duties rather than fun. But we know that no matter where we go ahead in life we both are always there for each other to face the hardships of life.

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