Short Paragraph on My Sister (386 Words)

Here is your short paragraph on my sister:

Not everybody is lucky to have sisters, but I am. I have a little sister. She is Pranky, naughty, stubborn, short-tempered, at the same time, humorous, loving and caring. She truly is one of a kind and I love her a lot.


When we were small, I still remember how we used to fight over small things. She would take a toy and I would want it and when I take, she would want it.

Yet, when our Mom comes to solve the battle, we would be united and fight against her.

The little pranks that we used to play; to scare our neighbours was real fun. We used to search Mom`s cupboard and try out all her jeweller and cosmetics. Sometimes I used to dress her up and sometimes she used to dress me up. We used to be doing fashion shows and catwalks in the room, with our Mom`s clothes. When Mom finds out, we would be running and hiding.

When we got a little older, these pranks turned to little talks and secret sharing. We used to talk for hours about beauty and fashion, go shopping together and try out all latest trendy outfits, buy in matching accessories and make one another look their best. Sometimes, we even share our clothes and accessories. As time passes by, we also grow and these little things turned to serious talks regarding life and its turns.


It is so much a treasure, to have a sister. She is a gift sent from God to stand by you and for you. A secret of yours, with a sister is locked in her for her lifetime. A soothing hand, a comforting talk, a lending shoulder is all what a sister is.

She would stand with you, when the whole world stands against you. Fight for you till the last breath and love you unconditionally. No matter where you are or how long it has been that you stay in touch with your sister, you could just pick up the phone and call her one fine day and start the conversation just like you talked to her yesterday. A sister is your soul, your breath, hold on to her and she would be with you always, no matter what may come.

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