Short Paragraph on Christmas (231 Words)

Here is your short paragraph on Christmas:

The most widely known festival in the Christian calendar is the Christmas Day that falls on 25th December. This day is observed as the birthday of Jesus Christ.


Christmas is celebrated with tremendous enthusiasm in Bombay, Goa, Delhi and Calcutta.

This is an occasion for great excitement and rejoicing. Carol singing, dancing and balls are the high water marks. Christmas is observed in much splendour at services in Churches and Cathedrals.

A fine and exhilarating distillation of traditional and local influences. In Mumbai a pontifical High Mass is held at midnights in the open air at Cooperage Ground. Among the most joyous and colourful celebrations are the festivities at Goa which retains the pageantry of the Latin temper brought to a brilliant culminating under an Indian sun.

In Delhi, in addition to the Mid-night Mass, services are held at the Sacred Heart Cathedral.


In Tamil Nadu, Christmas is also the time for music and dance. The customs of the crib building to recall the scene of the birth of Christ, of the Christmas tree and of Santa Claus are medieval European customs. East European and Middle Eastern Churches often celebrate this festival on January 6, “the manifestation or epiphany” of Christ.

Christmas is a day of joy, of sharing, gift-giving, family visits and wishes. Christmas cards have now become very popular to exchange greetings.

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