Short Paragraph on Radha’s Birthday Celebration

Here is your short paragraph on Radha’s Birthday Celebration:

This is an important occasion for Vrajvasis (inhabitants of Vraj). Fifteen days after Krishna’s birthday (Janmasthami) falls the birthday of his beloved Radha, on the eighth day of the waxing fortnight of the lunar month Bhadrapad (August- September), at the end of the north Indian rainy season.


The biggest celebration of Radha’s birth occurs in Barsana, her village, although she actually is said to have been born in Raval, on the opposite bank of the Jamuna, near Gokul.

From the eight to the fifteenth day of the waxing fortnight, i.e. upto full moon, a mela or fair is celebrated in the vicinity of Barsana.

The high point falls on the thirteenth day with a reenactment of the Dan Lila, Krishna demanding a ‘tax’ of butter and curd from the recalcitrant milkmaids, led by Radha. The culmination occurs when Krishna breaks the earthen pot of curd Radha holds on her head, thus spreading out her largesse to the world for the curd, spilling from the broken pot, sanctifies the earth.

Hundreds of devotees scramble to get a taste of the prasad, consecrated remains of the scattered curd; they would tell you they are partaking of the physical manifestation of the blessings of the divine pair.

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