Short Paragraph on Shimgo

Here is your short paragraph on Shimgo:

Kunbis or Curumbins as they were called by the Portuguese, are a semi- tribal agricultural community that mainly inhabits the interior rural areas of Goa and are known for their folk dance ‘Kunbinach’.


They observe all the Hindu feasts and festivals, but they regard the Shimgo or Holi festival as their greatest annual festival.

Young men form their dancing troupes during Shimgo, dress in a dhoti and coloured shirt, wear a bunch of coloured paper flowers on their head and go round the village from house to house dancing and singing with the accompaniment of Ghumot or oblong shaped earthen drums and Kasal or the brass.

On the fifth day of Shimgo men and women together dance in front of the village temple.

The songs that they sing are composed and sung by them in their own style. Many of their songs depict their hardships and the simple and innocent life that they lead. Kumbi dances are known for their traditional sentiment, beauty and simplicity.

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