Paragraph on Benefits We Get from the Forest – by Anand


Forests are large tracts of trees and shrubs in a densely wooded area. They usually range from a few acres to many kilometers in length.

Some forests are dense and some others remain fairly accessible.


Forests are the green belt of the planet and are of utmost importance when it comes to maintaining the balance of the ecosystem.

Importance of Forests:

Forests are the most essential element of an ecosystem. They sustain the equilibrium between the oxygen and carbon dioxide levels. They are the home to a million species of flora and fauna. Forests are the gift of Mother Nature to man. They ensure that the balance of the environment doesn’t change. These forests not only provide aesthetic value to the environment but also provide man with a variety of other benefits.

Benefits Accruing From the Forests:

Forests provide us with a number of benefits. Many trees in the forests are felled to extract wood from them. Timber is one of the most important products that the forests give us. The same is used for making furniture and other such items. Another essential product coming out of forests is paper. Paper is also widely excavated from the trees by a lengthy process.

There are certain trees in the forests which have medicinal values and are used in the pharmaceutical industries. Vast tracts of forests are burnt to make room for pastures, crops, settlements, etc. Fuel wood, sandalwood, etc. are other such benefits which the forests provide us with. These forests are the home of a number of species of plants and animals.

Preservation of Forests:


Forests have been for a long time been exploited by man to meet his material needs. The green cover of our planet has started diminishing for decades now. Our environment is under a threat and the forest covers are becoming vulnerable with every passing year. The activities of deforestation, forest fires, acid rain, etc. are killing the forests gradually.

It is important to preserve the forests because they help us in many different ways. People need to stop taking forests for granted and using them for material benefits. Man has to understand that the tree he is cutting is responsible for the oxygen in the air which is keeping him alive.


The benefits which the forest provides us with are plenty. However, such benefits will start becoming rare as time passes as the forest cover is lessening. Man is blindly cutting down forests for his own needs without realizing the value of forests. The day is not far when the same man will bear the consequence of such heinous activity on the forests.

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