Short Paragraph on Natural Landscapes


Here is your short paragraph on natural landscapes.

Natural landscapes meet man’s basic requirements of water, air and soil that are useful for human survival. These are also necessary for the survival of other living creatures that need sun, air, light, water and land to survive.

But humans have evolved their own systems for survival with systems like terraced farming, fruit farming, partially-settled agriculture, livestock farming, tourism, collection of wild fruits, dependence on forest products, fishing, and similar other livelihood options.


Natural landscapes are therefore under threat because of their over usage of resources. If we want to maintain the biodiversity of Earth, we need to ensure the right use of natural resources. Otherwise, the natural food chain will be disturbed. If land is used beyond its ability, soil will not be available for vegetation.

This will result in shortage of food for not only humans but for the food chain as a whole. This is just an example of how overuse of natural resources can affect all of us. If we want human, animal as well as plant species to survive, it is important for us to make judicious use of resources and plan and manage different landscapes efficiently.

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