Short Paragraph on the Significance of Peninsular Plateau of India

Here is your short paragraph on the Significance of Peninsular Plateau of India !

The Peninsular Plateau of India is the oldest and the most stable landmass of the Indian sub­continent. It contains a rich variety of minerals which occur in large quantities.


There are huge deposits of iron, manganese, copper, bauxite, chromium, mica, gold, etc.

Above all, 98 per cent of the Gondwana coal deposits of India are found in the Peninsular Plateau. Besides, there are large reserves of slate, shale, sandstones, marbles, etc. A large part of north-west plateau is covered with fertile black lava soil which is extremely useful for growing cotton.

Some other areas of the Peninsular plateau are suitable for the cultivation of tea, coffee, rubber, millets, spices, tobacco and oilseeds. Some low lying areas of the plateau are suitable for growing rice. A variety of tropical fruits is also grown here.

The highlands of the plateau are covered with different types of forests which provide a large variety of forest products. The rivers originating in the Western Ghats offer great opportunity for developing hydroelectricity and providing irrigation facilities to the agricultural crops. The plateau is also known for its hill resorts such as Udagamangalam (Ooty), Panchmarhi, Kodaikanal, Mahabaleshwar, Khandala, Matheron, Mount Abu, etc.

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