Short Paragraph on Utilization of Health Care Resources and Health Care Facilities

Here is your paragraph on Utilization of Health Care Resources and Health Care Facilities !

Currently, with the increasing awareness for health care and availability of health care facilities even in remote villages and rural areas, more and more people tend to visit hospitals, doctors and nursing homes for health check up and health care.


Though in India, health care facilities are still quite poor and insufficient compared to its western counterparts, nevertheless there has been large scale improvement in this area.

Every block/G.P. now has a primary or subsidiary health centre with doctors and other facilities. Mobile health facilities are also made available in very remote inaccessible areas. However, there is still deficiency of doctors particularly in tribal pockets.

Health care delivery systems include hospitals, nursing homes and physicians who are engaged in private practice. Today “Group Practice” is found in big cities and urban areas where a group of at-least three doctors provide medical help to patients like care, consultation, diagnosis and treatment. Group practice may include a single speciality or may be multi- disciplinary in nature. Economically well-to-do patients usually visit nursing homes or doctors doing private practice for better facilities and care while less well-to-do persons mostly visit Government hospitals keeping other factors constant as it is less costly.

Psychiatric Health Care:

Psychiatric health care is as urgent as general health care. But usually equal importance is not given to it. Psychiatry should therefore be considered as a primary care speciality for improvement of mental health of people.


Since psychiatry is a branch of medicine the psychiatrist must be familiar with the problems of the medical establishment and there should be proper coordination between psychiatrists and doctors.

Ethics in Psychiatry:

In psychiatry common ethical issues include areas such as competencies, confidentiality, involuntary hospitalization, right to treatment, right to refuse treatment, duties to third parties and regulations of treatment, say Kaplan and Sadok. Severely retarded mental patients and psychiatric patients with limited capacity and competence fail to take a right decision for themselves. At this juncture the psychiatrist has an urgent role to play keeping in view the ethics of his job.

The ethics usually should be to benefit the patient as well as the society by treating the patient. Of course, the legal issues in such matters should not be forgotten. Professional ethics should be coordinated with personal ethics to produce the best to the patient or the society.

Though every citizen of a country should have the right to health care and treatment, particularly persons with limited financial resources, but significant need for health care should be on priority basis provided with health care facilities.

Health care facility should not be the prerogative of the rich and elite alone. It is an open truth that psychiatric services are inadequate particularly in developing and underdeveloped countries. Rich and economi­cally privileged countries and various psychiatric organisations (national and international) should come forward to provide psychiatric treatment free of cost or at low cost to economically deprived class of the society. Special attention should be given to this area of health care as physical health suffers without sound mental health.

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