Short Paragraph on the Paintings of Mughal

Here is your Paragraph on the Paintings of Mughal!

The Mughals made distinctive contribution in the field of painting. They introduced new themes depicting the court, battle scene and chase, and added new colors and new forms.


They created a living tradition of painting which continued to work in different parts of the country long after the glory of the Mughals had disappeared.

While at the court of Shah of Iran, Humayun had taken into his service two master painters who accompanied him to India. Under their leadership, during the reign of Akbar painting was organized in one of the imperial establishments (karkhana). Daswant and Basawan were two of the famous painters of Akbar’s court.

Apart from illustrating Persian books of fables, the painters were soon assigned the task of illustrating the Persian text of the Mahabharata, the historical works Akbar amah and others. Mughal painting reached a climax under Jahangir, who had a very discriminating eye.

Apart from painting hunting, battle and court scenes. Under Jahangir special progress was made in portrait painting and paintings of animals. Mansur was the great name in this field.


European painting was introduced at the court by the Portuguese priests. Under their influence, the principles of foreshortening, whereby near and distant people and things could be placed in perspective was quietly adopted. While the tradition continued under Shahjahan, Aurangzeb’s lack of interest in painting led to a dispersal of the artists to different places of the country. This helped in the development of painting in the state of Rajasthan and Punjab hills.

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