Short Paragraph on My Kitchen (474 Words)

Here is your short paragraph on my kitchen:

My kitchen is completely functional. It is the loneliest place in my entire home.


Though I am not that good in cooking but I take proper care that all the appliances are aligned properly and the kitchen is cleaned up. I never allow anybody to enter my kitchen wearing shoes.

I ask them to open their shoes before entering the kitchen because I like to keep my kitchen area clean and tidy. I have changed the interior of my kitchen 6 months ago. I hired an interior designer who has given a totally new appearance to my kitchen.

It has golden brown cabinets with 2 double doors. I prefer keeping bowls, cups, saucers, dishes and other utensils in the cabinet on one side & spices, tea, oatmeal, sugar along with big boxes extra eateries on the other side separately.

The wash basin area is located towards the right hand side of the cabinet doors. I usually put dirty dishes after having lunch in the sink. My maid washes the utensils, dry them and arrange them back inside the cabinet.


Towards the right hand side of the sink the refrigerator is located. When my designer designed my kitchen he advised me to change the refrigerator as it was too old and was not matching the look too. So I purchased a big double door steel colored refrigerator for my kitchen.

Kitchen is the place which draws my attention to relax because it is very quiet & modern. My kitchen has a large area with a dining table in the centre. Once the food is ready my family gathers at the dining table to have food together.

Towards the top of the cabinet I have kept all the liquor. There is a small area with round holes between the refrigerator & the cabinet. I put my kitchen keys, refrigerator keys, house keys and utensil washer.

The roof of the kitchen is made up of grey granite stone to avoid the area becoming extremely hot while cooking. At the bottom of the cabinets there are small cabinets where the elegant trays and cutting boards are stored.

There are 4 drawers next to it where I store my cutlery, unused utensils & tablecloth used for dining table. Just towards the top of that there are 2 small vertically open cabinets where lots of glasses are kept for different drinks. Towards the left of the bottom cabinets there are couples of cabinets to store the frying pans, tea pans, colanders and the griddles.

Next to the cabinets there is a door which ends towards the backyard of the house. The floor of the kitchen is made up of white marble. Once we have food I always spray air freshener in my kitchen to keep it away from insects and bad odour.

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