Paragraph on Indian Culture

Indian culture is one among the oldest and very rich cultures in the world, which dates back to about 5000 years!!!

The culture of India is very rich and diverse and therefore is also very much unique in its own way.


India is a country that has different languages, religions, belief`s ,food tastes etc, that makes it have a totally different and stand out culture when compared to any other country in the world. Though, India has accepted modernization, our beliefs and values still remain unchanged.

The culture of India is a combination from the different states and union territories. There are about 29 states and seven union territories that contribute to different cultures, languages, habits and religion that brings Indian culture the most different and stand out. Unity in diversity is the strength of Indian Culture.

Apart from these, India is the home for some of the most ancient civilizations which include Hinduism, Jainism, Sikhism and Buddhism which also contributed and enriched the culture of India. Various factors have influenced the formation of the culture of India. It is really fascinating to understand how India has a variety of complex cultures, stunning contrasts and the wonderful beauty it holds, that brings it all together to the formation of the great culture that India has.

Indian culture treats Indians many great values, especially values in relationships and hospitality. In India, it is commonly said and known that guests are treated with great hospitality that no person leaves a home without being served the best meal of that particular place. ‘Respect’ is another great lesson that the books of Indian culture teach one. Athithi Deva Bhava guest are considered to be divine.


The Indian culture is also known as ‘Mother of Cultures’. Music, art of living, science, all sectors have a deeper knowledge and roots back to centuries ago. India is a country that teaches the importance and value of culture to the young, so that, as they grow with these cultures and values are deep routed in them and no matter where they are, they would always keep high of the tradition, culture and value that they have been bought up in.

Today, the culture of India has crossed geographic boundaries and people across the globe, look upon the great culture that India has and upholds over centuries. Indian Culture is a gate way to world culture.

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