Parahraph on the Problem of Drinking Water in India

Drinking water is a major problem in India. As per reports, clean drinking water is distributed only for 2 hours in all major cities.

Getting pure drinking water in a country with a large population remains a challenge. There are also other factors like lack of awareness, rituals and practices, poverty etc.


Availability of drinking water is mostly faced in the rural areas. In urban areas about 23 percent of households do not get access to potable drinking water. It is reported that millions are affected with many water borne diseases in the rural areas.

Drinking water is mostly met from the groundwater. However this resource is depleting at an alarming rate. Contamination in water makes it unfit for drinking. Water has become a scarcity, thereby increasing the demand. To address the issue, the Government has to spend huge amount of money.

In order to maintain water quality, the users need to play a vital role in fixing this issue and hence take action that would help one to access clean and safe drinking water. Provision should be made to collect and store water, so that contamination is avoided and water made safe to drink.

Since water is a basic necessity in life, there should be ways to make water safe to drink for all the people across India so as to maintain a healthy life.

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