Short Paragraph on Jan Lokpal Bill

Here is your short paragraph on Jan Lokpal Bill!

The Jan Lokpal Bill or commonly known as Citizen`s Ombudsmen Bill is an anti-corrupt bill that has been drawn by the prominent society activists, seeking the formation of a body that would check into the corruption cases, investigate it within a year and conduct trial within the next year.


The word Lokpal was derived from Sanskrit. ‘Lok’ meaning people and ‘Pala’ meaning caretaker of people.

The Lokpal bill has its jurisdiction over all the Members of the Parliament and Central government employees against corruption. The first Lokpal bill was passed in 1969 at the Lok Sabha, but did not get passed in the Rajya Sabah. The bill was also later introduced in many years, but it was not passed. It was finally in enacted in India on 18th December 2013.

The Lokpal bill helps in filing complaints with the Ombudsman, of corruption against the Prime Minister, Member of Parliament and other ministers. The ARC (Administrative Reforms Commission) convinced that, this was justifiable and would bring in a sense of confidence to the public to fight against Corruption. It was the nonstop fight of Anna Hazare, a social activist and his team that led to the light of the bill and after great ordeal, they have succeeded in getting the bill passed.

Some of the features of the Lokpal bill includes: The functioning of Lokpal as an independent body and not under any influential or bureaucratic people, Investigations and judgment within a year or two at the maximum, loss occurred to government to be recovered from the offender of the crime, All common man complaints taken into account and actions done with immediate effect, no files to be kept pending from government offices regarding public requirements, Lokpal would function with complete transparency and in case anyone found guilty, they would be terminated within two months.


Lokpal was formed to fight against corruption in India and to make things easier and reachable for the common man. A bill that has been much awaited by the public and a dream come true for India in the coming days.


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