Short Paragraph on My India (426 Words)

Here is your short paragraph on my India:

India is my country. I love my country very much and proud to be its citizen. India has a beautiful motherland view.


India got independence in the year 1947 on 15th August. Before 1947 it was under the rule of Britishers.

India has the biggest democracy in the world. The total land area of India from North to South is 3,287,590 sq. km. and 2933 km from East to west. India is surrounded by sea and ocean on 3 sides and the northern side is dominated by the world’s biggest mountain range of the Himalayas.

Towards the foot of the Himalayas India’s most sacred & prestigious river called Ganges is located. The Northern part of the country has become extremely fertile because of the river Ganges. It is the most fertile land all across the world. Apart from this there are various holy, perennial rivers such as Yamuna, Narmada, Kaveri etc. to name a few.

India is a big country having twenty eight states & seven union territories. Hindi is the most common spoken language in the country. India is a land of festivals. It has over hundred festivals throughout the year carrying message of high moral values.


The world’s 1st sacred language called Sanskrit was born in India. India lays emphasis over its need for basic education, Martial Arts, universities, Art & culture, Great structures, Indus civilization, Mathematics, science, Engineering, Upanishads and temples such as Lord Shiva temple built by Raja Raja Chola situated in Tanjore is always on the top list.

The modern India is no lesser than the ancient India and has many claims. One such example is the Green Revolution which helped the country to become self sufficient in terms of harvesting. Since its independence India has gained steady growth in all spheres. Today India manufactures its own needs and wants and hardly imports anything from abroad except petroleum products.

The activities of ISRO or Indian Space Research Organization has contributed a lot to India’s progress to reach the moon. The progressive growth of the country has proved that it is capable to become the world’s greatest power like USA in the near future.

It is important to note that India is rich in its cultural heritage too. Indian land is considered as a holy land which has given birth to many saints like- Sankara, Bhuddha, Adi, Ramanujan etc. to name a few. I feel proud to be a citizen of a country which has a high profile throughout the world.

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