Good and Evil Effects of Industrial Revolution

The Industrial Revolution led to a great increase in the production of all kinds of manufactured goods—necessities, comforts and luxuries.

The use of machinery reduced the price of several commodities.


Secondly, Machines were tireless. Unlike men, machines worked round the clock and worked quickly than man. Thus, machines made the work of human beings easier and increased the production.

Thirdly, the people all over the world developed interest for the British products. It gave England an extraordinary place. Elegance, balance and beauty of the manufactured goods created markets for England all over the world. ‘Made in England’—^the brand was sufficient to influence the people all over the world.

Fourthly, the Industrial Revolution increased the prosperity of England. It also increased the wealth of England. The British goods fetched m.ore money. The money brought prosperity to England.

Fifthly, the growth of transportation paved the way for the growth of trade and commerce. The goods produced in England were exported and imported in both land route and sea route.


Sixthly, the Industrial Revolution which was started first in England spread other countries. The invention of electricity performed many wonderful things for man. When different countries in Europe increased their industries, this influenced production.

Thus, the Industrial Revolution fostered a deep sense of national unity by the network of railways, roads, steam-boats and telegraph. The capitalist desired to invest more capitals. This influenced the modern life.

Evil Effects:

The Industrial Revolution produced enormous evil effects.

Firstly, many people who served as artisans in the cottage industries were thrown out of employment. The growth machine industries ruined domestic industries. The people of villages became jobless. They had to spend their life in utter poverty.

Secondly, the capitalist gave the labourers low wages. The labourers worked hard but gained very low price. So they employed their wives and children in factories.

Thirdly, the Industrial Revolution also paved the way for the pollution of environment.

Fourthly, the Industrial Revolution divided the society into two groups, the capitalists and the proletariats. The capitalist exploited the proletariats. This paved the way for the ‘Class Struggle’ in the society.

Fifthly, due to this revolution, the rural people set their foot on the towns; Villages were deserted.

Colonialism was one of the evil effects of Industrial Revolution. Competition in production and creation of markets for the sell of those finished products created a race for Colonialism among the European countries. The brand ‘Made in England’, ‘Made in Germany’, ‘and Made in France’ etc. intensified nationalism. This ultimately resulted in war among the countries.

The Industrial Revolution was the reflection of the improved thought of man. It bore the stamp of men’s innovative genius in different fields starting from textile industry to steam engine. On the other hand, this Industrial Revolution also created field for class struggle in society and created situation for war among different countries.

Be that as it may, this Industrial Revolution had definitely contributed for the growth of new technology in different fields which increased the productive capacity of machines.

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