Short Paragraph on My Life (430 Words)

Here is your short paragraph on my life:

My name is Jiah Disouza. I am twenty four years old. I am studying Business management (in Economics) in Brigham Young University.


After my graduation I have decided to take up law school. I want to become a lawyer. According to me it is very important to have some aim in life. A life without any aim is a waste life.

I aim to get super rich someday. I dream to lead a successful life. To lead a successful life it is very important to know where you are headed & what you want to achieve. Settings goals helps to make your dreams come true. I want to see myself stand out of the crowd & not like a tree that is swayed anywhere with the blowing wind.

We all have various aims in life. Some of us chose to have a quiet life while some want to lead glamorous flashy lives. Not only us but our parents too have big dreams for us. They want to give us the best education & all comforts of life. But many few people actually makes their dreams comes true.

Not everyone becomes an engineer, a doctor, a manager, a lawyer etc. because they fail to create a way to achieve their desires. I want to become a lawyer. My aim is to use my skills to make my country a better place to live.


I choose to be a lawyer because I see many corrupted lawyers in our society to who plays with the life of innocent people. I know complaining will not change the system but to change the system we have to get into it.

So I want to become a lawyer as I want to see my society where innocent peoples are seen with utmost respect. I know that the dream which I have chosen is not a cakewalk & so I have laid in advance what all is required to become a lawyer.

I love my life a lot. I have many friends. My best friend’s name is Akash Mehta. I have 2 elder brothers and 1 younger sister. I love my family too. My role model is my Grandpa. He is a lawyer. He holds a respectable place in the society.

I love sports. I am state level Basket ball champion. My motto in life is to live and let others live. I have a pet dog. His name is Bruno. Overall I am leading a happy life and I make sure that people around me are also happy.

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