Short Paragraph on Loyalty (410 Words)

Here is your short paragraph on Loyalty !

Loyalty is one of the best noble qualities found in human beings as well as animals such as horses, dogs, elephants etc.


The word ‘Loyalty’ in simple words means ‘fidelity’ which is accompanied by sacrifice, compassion and obedience of heart.

A loyal individual is always ready to sacrifice everything (even his life) for the sake of other person to whom he/ she is loyal to. For instance, say a person is loyal towards his relative, friend, master or country. So he will be ready to sacrifice everything (even his life for the sake of his relative, friend, master or country.

A loyal individual bears an honest looks, moral characteristics & disciplined manners. A loyal person can never be tempted or bribed to deviate from his/ her path.

Loyalty is like a pillar that is strong & firm to stand any force that try to penetrate through it. Loyalty is hard to be seen in today’s world because every individual seems to fulfill his/ her own personal desires first. Still there are few companies who are lucky enough to find loyal employees working really hard with utmost loyalty. At times they also fight to safeguard the interest of their companies from competitors.


Loyalty is mainly seen in servants and courageous soldiers. Loyalty is commonly found in bold and brave characters. Weak and meek persons lack spirit of loyalty in them.

Loyal individuals can become great administrators, great commanders and great leaders in their respective fields. Individuals who lack loyalty are disbelieved and hated by the society wherever they go.

Loyalty shows a person’s complete dedication & devotion towards others. Being loyal is always good to maintain healthy fruitful relationships with your friends, family, colleagues and everyone you come across.

Benefits of being loyal include the following:

I. Loyalty helps to build strong healthy relationships.

II. Loyalty helps you to gain recognition and success in your job.

III. Loyalty helps you to retain existing customers & acquire new customers in your business.

IV. Loyalty helps you to filter unprofitable customers.

V. Loyalty makes you feel good.

VI. A loyal person is always valued and respected by the society.

VII. Loyalty helps in building personal as well as mental development.

VIII. Loyalty makes you stand out of the crowd.

IX. Loyalty helps you to achieve your goals easily.

Lack of loyalty is one of the major causes behind failures. Though not initially buy loyalty always reap benefits in the long run.

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