Short Paragraph on the Uses of Biotechnology


Here is your short paragraph on the uses of biotechnology.

All new technologies raise concerns about their use. The main concern today is the effect on health due to genetically modified foods. The composition of a genetically modified crop depends on its manipulation.

If a cereal is genetically grown with a high content of a vitamin, it may benefit those with deficiency in that vitamin, but some people may be allergic to it. It is feared that unsuspected allergic reactions to GM (genetically modified) foods may cause problems after decades.


i. Cross-pollination between normal and genetically modified crops could ruin the natural traits of the normal crops, and breed superweeds.

ii. Biotechnology may give control of agriculture to corporates. This may cause death of family farms and local supply systems.


iii. Indiscriminate use of biotechnology in reproduction is a major concern today.

iv. Biological warfare, if fought by using genetically modified viruses and bacteria, can have catastrophic effects.

Therefore, it is important that biotechnological advancements are regulated, so as to gain maximum benefits with minimum risks, and paying heed to ethical and social values of the human race.

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