Short Paragraph on Obesity (420 Words)

Here is your short paragraph on Obesity !

Obesity is said to be a condition of extra body fat. It is measured in terms of BMI or Body Mass Index.


BMI is calculated in numerical value taking in account the height of a person. BMI above 30 kg/ m2 indicates obesity.

Obesity is often associated with various life threatening and debilitating disorders. Obesity is seen in people of all ages. But it is often seen that small children and woman are more obese as compared to men. Obesity is becoming a major issue throughout the world.

According to a recent survey around more than 300 million people are obese all around the world. Obesity is the most common nutritional & metabolic disease. 30 years ago obesity was not a big issue as it is seen today.

Major reasons behind obesity are life style preferences, cultural and environment factors. Obesity may lead to increase the risk towards cardiovascular diseases, coronary artery disease, sleep apnoea, diabetes, respiratory diseases and low self esteem.



The best way to overcome obesity is start controlling your eating habits. Doctors say that a human being must eat (on time) 3 times in a day (in appropriate proportion). This frequency of meal should be 5-6 hours or more.

For example, if you eat your breakfast at 7 am then you should have your lunch at 12 pm and then dinner at 6 pm. This routine should include the quality of food. Avoid eating junk food like pizzas, hog dog, fried food and burgers which contains high fats and carbohydrates.

Also avoid drinking coke. If you wish to eat such foods eat them once a week. Roasted or boiled food is good for health. Traditional food which contains excess oil & ghee should also be avoided.

Work out or exercise is another excellent way to overcome obesity. You can choose to do cardio such as swimming, walking or jogging. According to doctors we must do exercises at least thrice a week (either morning or afternoon). Exercises help you to stay alive & burn out extra body fat that stuck inside the body.

Obesity is seen in children because of lack of education. Parents do not educate their children about a proper, nutritious and balanced diet. As a result children eat food that leads to obesity. Apart from poor health obesity also leads to depression and hype tension. Obese citizens also affect the growth and development of the country because unhealthy people are less productive in their work.

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