Short Paragraph on My Orchard (370 Words)

Here is your short paragraph on My Orchard!

Not every one of us do have orchards. To have an orchard, one has to have so much of land and it is not easy to posses that much of land when residing in area like cities.


To have an orchard, you need to get to the interiors of locations and places that have large acres of land. Now you could have orchards for any kind of food items.

Some people have it for grapes, while others for apples, some for any kind of vegetables and so on. Visiting an orchard is truly an experience, with lots of fun and entertainment.

My uncle has an orchard in the outskirts of the city. It is spread across five acres of land and it is full of durian trees. I once visited his orchard during the season of durians. On our visit, while entering the orchard itself, the smell was so warming and tempting. There were hundreds of them hanging in large and small clusters on the branches of these trees. They are spiny fruits and children like me are asked not to touch, as it may hurt.

We walked across the orchard and my uncle showed me durians at different stages of growth. Some were large, while some were small, some were ripe and the others on the process of ripening and so on.


While we were walking around, I heard a loud thud and was startled. But, then my uncle told me that durians when they are very ripe tend to fall naturally and that was all that I heard. I saw some of his workers walking to the sound and collecting what was left from the crash. They bough us some cleaned pieces of the fruit and I had them. Mmmm… was so tasty that I ate so much.

My uncle sells these durians and he had plenty number of them that had been piled up from the earlier harvest. As we waited, he had his buyer come down and I saw how my uncle fixes a deal for his durians. Watching all these was really great and it would be a memorable experience for me when I would be back home.

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