A Good Beginning is Half the Battle Won – by Jenny


There is always a beginning of anything and everything that you plan to do.


Just as the saying goes ‘A good beginning is half the battle won’. The connotation of this saying is that when we have a good and solid beginning of anything that we decide, half our job is done.

The simple logic to this is that a solid structure is always possible on a solid foundation. And if the foundation is strong then what we build on it will bear good fruits.

Why is a good beginning important?

A good beginning is like laying a strong foundation. When you decide to set foot into a new beginning, doing a good homework on the subject, analyzing the ground realities, how to work on the project, planning and executing it with proper thinking and proper planning are certain pre-requisites which have a strong bearing on the conclusion. When all these are done in the right manner at the right time, it definitely would make things much easier on the go.


When you have almost all the required details and information of the project you plan to start, then half the job is done. Gathering relevant information is the toughest job and how to implement it in the right manner is another challenge. Once these are done, you have almost done half of the major tasks; the remaining half would only be to get simple things organized which is much easier.

Getting a project to start is actually like a war. When you have a strong foundation, on which you can build on an empire, you have almost won half the battle, since the main aspect of the project has been taken care of. It is very simple like how soldiers would work before a battle.

They would get their equipment’s, trails and all the strategies prepared and made ready much in advance, so that during the time of battle, they are all set and ready to execute their strategy, which makes it much easier for them to win against their enemies.

Doing a detailed research on whatever you plan to do is always a good idea as it provides you with relevant and abundant resources to prepare in a better way and if the preparation is nicely done, then the execution becomes quite simple not tedious or cumbersome.

Thus, developing the habit of emphasizing on the preparation part is always corollary to a good beginning which ultimately results in winning half the battle and the rest is the execution part, which if taken care of helps us in emerging as victorious. Therefore always built a good and strong beginning, so that half the job is done and the remaining half would then just be a piece of cake walk!

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