Achievements of India in Science and Technology

Achievements of India in Science and Technology!

Advancements of fields like biotechnology, electronics, space and atomic energy has been the major achievement of India in Science and Technology.


India has been able to do many great things since its official freedom from the British dominance. Now the Government is pouring lots of investments to get an accelerated science and technology growth.

India’s different social, Government, public and private bodies have many contributions in the progression of the sector.

The Top Five Achievements of India in Science and Technology would be – first, its contribution in the atomic energy. India has overwhelming nuclear technology. You can consider India as a self reliant country in terms of mastering the whole nuclear cycle. The country has its own nuclear power generation facility and also waste management arrangement. It’s also well equipped for the exploration and mining process.

The second achievement that is worth mentioning is India’s accomplishments in the electronics field. India has been doing great in terms of micro-electronics, telematics, software and high performance computing developments. Third is India’s interest and achievements in the space technology.


How successful the country has been in terms of space technology advancements? There has been a rumour that India is going to Mars. The new satellite Mangalyaan launched by India will reach Mars on September 2014. The renowned Indian Space Research Organization has been working really hard to come up with groundbreaking improvements and you can expect to see many more progresses in the coming years. Fourth, India’s advancements in the field of biotechnology have also been quite remarkable.

For example, many doctors and Indian researchers have been able to unveil the remarkable application of laser technology. Many companies are also coming up with overwhelming drug stains that can lower the chances of heart attack significantly. Fifth, India has also great stories to share on oceanography. Since its freedom, this country has been able to make a position as a member of the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research.

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