Experience of Being Let Down by a Friend – by Anand


Friendship is one of the most important bonds we share with someone over a period of time. It is a relationship which involves trust, faith and commitment.


Friendship requires a lot of efforts and is very helpful in the long run. Friendship with a classmate is one of the best experiences in school life. It can be fun, entertaining and emotional.

A New Pea in the Pod:

Last summer, a new student joined our class. As we heard, he had to leave his previous school because of some pressing family problems. Since he joined in the middle of the term, he was always very nervous and reticent. He always used to sit alone in the class and never did he play with us during the breaks. His behavior worried a lot of teachers.

Kindling Of a Friendship:


Once when I was returning back to the class after the lunch break, I saw a couple of my classmates pushing the new student around. He was helplessly trying to evade but then had him cornered around a tree in our playground. I immediately rushed to help him out. I strictly told my classmates not to bother him ever again else they would have to visit the principal’s office.

The new student thanked me and introduced himself for the first time. I told him to spend time with me during school so that I could help him out with the lectures he missed. He seemed very happy about my proposal. It was for the first time I felt that he was not the same sad and lonely person who I used to see in class every day.

The Unexpected Event:

One day during the lunch break, we both unmindfully stayed longer in the field playing. When we realized that the bell had rung, we started rushing towards the class. I suddenly remembered that I had left one of my notebooks on the field. I told my friend to tell the teacher that I was with him and went back to get my notebook so that I am not given any punishment for coming late. However, when I reached the class after getting my notebook, the teacher was furious with me. I saw my friend sitting on his bench trying to avoid looking at me. I was sent out of the class. It was a shocking experience of being let down by a friend.


Though I had a good friendship with my classmate yet he let me down. I had to suffer a lot of humiliation and embarrassment because of him. My reputation in front of the teacher also came down. He did not even apologize to me nor admit his guilt. It was a very bad experience for me which I can never forget.

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