Glamour of English Language in Independent India | Paragraph


The glamour of English in Independent India has reached its peak level. Nowadays, almost 60% Indian citizen knows the common English words.

Since English is a universally accepted language, it has become glamorous in many countries.

National Language:


In India, there are quite a few hundred languages. There are 29 states, each having its own unique language. Though the glamour of English language has been increasing rapidly all Indians speak their own languages with a great pleasure. Hindi; it is a national language of Hindustan. It is also considered as a language that almost all Indians can speak and understand.

Glamour of English:

The glamour of English language in India can be seen by looking at the villages. Nowadays, there are English medium schools available in every village. Parents are forcing their child to learn in an English medium school. However, English medium school also teaches the local language as well. The actual reason behind this fact is the increasing usage of this dialect. This dialect works as a common language between two non-English speaking country people. As a result, it has become the necessity to learn this dialect from the early child age.

Almost all work fields in India make use of the English language. Thus, to be an educated person, you must possess the English speaking skills. Prior to appoint a candidate, interviewer checks his or her English knowledge. It underlines the glamour of English in independent India.

If you are a businessman and need to expand your business globally then you have no option other than learning this dialect. You can either learn this dialect or hire a translator.



As an educated person, you must possess the knowledge of any of the foreign languages. Knowledge of this language shows your talent as well as the communication skills. You can learn many things while learning this dialect. Besides this, a wide range of literature is available in this dialect. If you have the habit of reading then there is a huge scope to read many beautiful things available in the English dialect. It has seen that, in many countries English knowledge has become the sign to show your wealth. The more fluently you speak this dialect the more wealthy you are. Basically, it is believed that poor people cannot attend the school and therefore they don’t possess the knowledge of this dialect.


One of the superior ways to keep you at the top in a competition is to learn the English dialect. You can achieve this by joining a training course, reading English newspapers, and watching the English news channels. It is truly simple to learn this language as long as you know the art of sentence creation. Once you understand the grammar, you can easily get your hands on this language; and even you can become a master in it.


The knowledge of English dialect has become an extremely decisive criterion to survive in this competitive world. The glamour of English in Independent India itself shows the significance and importance of this dialect.

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