Here is your Paragraph on “Dog”

Dogs are wonderful domesticated animals that man has tamed from a very long time. It is a mammal and belongs to the Canidae family.

Dogs are very popular pets as they are very faithful, playful, friendly and loyal to man.


Dogs are not only used as pets, but they are seen in various other job areas too, like the police, army, messenger, hunting and so on.In the United States alone, there are more than 30million dogs that are registered as pets. Dog directly offers service to the humanity. The dog lacks hypocrisy. The dog is warm hearted and a trusted friend and always alert and obedient.

Dogs are denoted to as “man`s best friend “ for being very loyal and also being the most opted domestic animal. They like to be around humans and are of great understanding. Dogs are basically color blind, or in fact not able to recognize colors. However their sense of smell and hearing is extraordinary. Usually the life span of a dog is for about 10 years; however the breed and size would also influence the life span of a dog. Smaller breeds usually have a longer life span.

Dogs have basically originated from wolves and over a period of time with proper taming dogs have become domesticated. Dogs have been trained well for so many specialization aspects like smelling for a bomb, or for any kind of particular illness. They come to aid for many other purposes too for man.

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