How to find a perfect Roommate: A journey to share your life- by Shanu

Roommate is often required when you are living lonely and want someone who can share your belongings to overseas your burdens and give you a good company.

If you are looking for the roommate then there must be lots of things that popup in your mind because of several reasons. And you must want to know that for yourself.


Before going to find any roommate you need to get assure that either you are ready to share your privacy with any person or not. Because it is not going easy for you to live separately while having a roommate. After this you must find out things that you need to consider.

Qualities looking in Roommate:

Generally, when we talk about roommates then we mean that a person who is having good qualities that can enhance your living experience and help you understand the things. You must find out that what qualities you are looking further in your roommate to hold with. As per this you can search for the person and in order to let it know you can go with the further discussion.

Generally good qualities are considered as good habits like person should not smoke, drink and possess good character. Beside this all one want to be is that your roommate must have good sense of humour and quality living standard. They may not interfere in your personal life and laid you live with peace. This is not only a question of how to find a perfect roommate but it needs lots of thing that you need to understand.

Avoid being so particular:

When you are looking for the roommate then it is quite normal that you are not able to get exactly what you want. Every person is having different nature and living standard and on the basis of that they are recognized. So, avoid being so particular regarding your roommate qualities. If you really looking, then you should also be practical and ready to do some compromises.

Make your life practical:


If you are going to share adores with your roommate then be practical. You must ready to be comfortable with the roommates life standard and if you are not able to cope with them then you have to search lot to get the perfect roommate for yourself. It is not going difficult to get the roommate but when you are looking for the best then you need to search lot. For this you can also select some sort of person whom you find are better for you. Among them try to live with them for 1 or 2 days and if find them better then you can live with them.


It takes little time to understand any person. So, if you live with someone then in few times you become to adjust with them and able to be comfortable, therefore, it is not required to be very much specific for the roommates’ living standard and their life.

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