My Younger Brother – by Soumyajeet


Siblings are surely one of the best gifts of God. We fight with them, we cry with them, we laugh with them and we go on for days without talking, but in the end we can’t live without them.

That is the magic of having a brother or a sister. Our world fills with happiness and liveliness.

My Younger Brother:


My younger brother is two years younger to me. His name is Varun. He studies in the fifth grade now. Being just two years younger, he and I are more like friends. He loves to play cricket and almost never studies. His favorite foods are my favorites too- street food, ice cream, chocolates and every other food which is bad for health. These days, he is getting quite plump because of them. The name of his school is Park Academy, which has a strict boarding facility. Whenever he becomes too difficult to handle because of his innovative and mischievous tactics, I love to scare him by saying he will be sent there. And surprisingly he gets so scared that he becomes a good boy for the next few days.

Our Relationship:

Our relationship is just like an elder-younger bond. At times I hate him so much. When he first came, I was very happy but then everybody started pampering him and I was ignored. I felt very jealous then. One day, when no one was around, I toddled to his cot and scolded him for a long time in my just learned vocabulary of ten words. In reply, he just curled his fingers around my little finger. And then, our mother came and hugged us both from behind. I still remember snippets from that day. When we had grown up a bit, we had many serious fights. One day, I pushed him so hard that he got badly bruised. I was afraid that he will complain to mother, but surprisingly, he did not do that. He knew that I will be scolded so he said that he had fallen down accidentally. That day I came to know how much he loved me and decided to protect him henceforth. But at times he irritates me so much that it becomes difficult for me to keep my promise.


Every relationship built on love has its share of fights and angry moments. Yet, it is the underlying love that makes us cherish it. Memories with my younger brother will surely soothe difficult moments when we are all grownups with a lot of things to worry about.

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