Paragraph on a Seaside Resort on a Rainy Day – by Jenny


Resorts are the latest holidaying spots and every one of us would love to spend our holidays with family or friends at a wonderful resort.


Resorts are at different locations and of different types. They could be in forests, near seas-sides, beaches and the list is just endless. It is so refreshing to be at a decent resort once in a while.

Seaside resort on a rainy day:

Visiting a resort was in our list for some time and when we had our holidays coming up, we planned to visit a beach resort. The very thought of visiting a beach resort was so exciting that we started making plans for the great day. On the fixed day, we started our travel and reached the destination on time. After the initial procedures, we settled in our rooms, which were specifically asked facing the sea. It was truly a mesmerizing sight!!! The sea just spread in front of your eyes. The beauty has no words to be explained!!

After a brief relaxing, we all headed to the beach. Though we noticed the thick black clouds in the sky, we did not pay much attention, as we were all thrilled to be at the sea. Heading forward, we were in the sea in no time and were having loads and loads of fun, when suddenly it started to pour heavily. We had no ways of getting back to our room. So, the next alternative was to enjoy the sea in the rains. Oh!! It is truly a great experience that is rarely obtained.


However, after some time, we did notice the rough weathers and the sea was not calm as it was before. A sense of danger and the life guards yelling at us to get back, we decided to get back from the water and be at the shore, still all wet in the rain. Watching the sea in the rain, suddenly a big wave washed in and it was indeed too close to us. One second, and we would have been washed away. We immediately ran back to our rooms and stood watching the angry sea.

It took almost an hour or two for the rains to subside and the roaring sea to settle. All through this time, we were hooked at our windows watching the sight of waves lashing in. It was a moment of horror too.

Once the weather was back to normal and pleasant by the next day, we did go back to the sea once again, but this time making sure that we are nearer to the shore.

The trip was totally enjoyable and at the same time one that would never be forgotten. A mixed feeling of joy, excitement and terror all together was what we felt during this trip. Though there were times that really worried, us, we did enjoy the resort and the sea and the experience on the whole.

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