Paragraph on A Street Quarrel – by Anand


Street quarrels are a very common scenario in cities. They sometimes occur because of bad temper and sometimes because of the greedy nature of people.

No matter what may be the reason behind street quarrels, one thing is apparent that majority of the time people join the fight for mere enjoyment flaunting their fighting spirit.


This leads to the creation of an unwanted sight which is a blot on the face of that area.

The Quarrel I Witnessed:

A couple of days back a quarrel took a hideous turn when the people involved in it forgot all their civic senses. There is generally a great traffic rush on the street adjacent to our school at 1:30 pm since it is the time when the school gets over for the day. The street is a very narrow one. One guy with a heavy cargo had blocked the narrow passage.

In a small span of time, a man on a scooter and a driver in an auto rickshaw made efforts to surpass but none of them was prepared to allow the other to go by. The situation was becoming grave by and by following a hot exchange of words. Both the auto-rickshaw driver and the scooter started hurling abuses at each other. Soon a large crowd was gathered there.

Situation Worsens:

Some of the people in the crowd supported the man on the scooter and some of them took the side of the auto rickshaw driver. But the thing to be noticed was that none of them seem interested in putting an end to the quarrel. Most of them were provoking the auto-rickshaw driver and some of them were doing so to the scooterist. As a consequence the quarrel took a dreadful turn.


The outcry and abuses were followed by blows, punches and kicks. One person caught hold of the collar of the other and pinned him down. They both were finally seen tearing, rolling and scratching each other. Both of them seemed to have all their senses in anger.

Futile Efforts to Stop the Fight:

Some adolescent men who bravely came forward to resolve down the quarrel themselves started displaying their fighting skills. And in a matter of minutes, the quarrel became a group quarrel. Large sticks were being brought and used by the people engaged in the fight. It was like a mini war in the middle of the road. As a consequence some of them were seriously hurt.

Some of the people were seen bleeding. The mob got jumpy and everyone started running from here to there causing a stampede of sorts. The police arrived late and hence they did not prove themselves useful in forestalling the situation.


It has been accurately said that anger is momentary madness, and each of us must keep it in control. Everyone must build up the power of tolerance, peace and mutual understanding. Anger begets anger and violence leads to more violence. Thus, it is never wise to create or be a part of such a situation. We must keep in mind that peace is always good and the limits of morality and civic sense must not be forgotten.

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