Paragraph on a Unhappy Day of My Life – by Rajan

The unhappy day of my life happened during my school age. We frequently come across some precarious situations in life.

But some terrible situations undyingly get fixed in our minds.



There are many things that make me sad. I feel poignant even when someone stops talking with me. This is an upshot of my sentimental mind. Among many unhappy days of my life the unhappiest day is the one that made me cry for the first time in my life.


I was studying in ninth standard. I am an average student who gets decent marks in exams. But regrettably I got botched in one subject while studying in the ninth standard. I failed for the very first time in my long-ago academic record. Conversely, all other students grabbed higher marks in the same subject. How sad!

I was feeling completely unhappy. My mind was thinking about the mindset of my parents. How would they feel after hearing that their son has failed in an exam? This question continuously stroked my brain.

I was feeling introverted since I was the only student in our class who had botched in the subject of science. The exam question paper was pretty simple and all students, even unscholarly, scored higher marks except me. Our class teacher scolded me a lot for not scripting the answers properly.


Somehow, I managed to go home. I didn’t utter a word in front of my mother. My father was yet to reach to the house from his office. I decided to go out of the house.

I went alone to the nearby playground. My legs became heavy so I decided to sit on a bench. I started looking at the sky. There were many boys and girls playing on the ground but I was not in the mood of joining them. There is a tree in the playground. I started looking at that tree inadvertently. There were some beautiful birds chirping on that tree but I disregarded that striking sight as well.

I was crying inside. I didn’t realize when the tears started falling from my eyes. I started moaning continuously. To my fortune, one grandpa came near me and asked me the reason behind crying. I enlightened the entire story. He felt amused at me. He suggested me to smile at the happening situation. Then, he advised me to inform the intact story to my parents devoid of fearing about the consequence. He suggested me to become a courageous boy.

After receiving a stimulus from grandpa, I went back to the home. My father was reading a newspaper and mother was busy into her household activities. I called both of them. Initially I went nearer to my mother and showed her my report card. My father and mother started laughing at me. This scene shocked me entirely. They told me that they knew the result since the afternoon because our class teacher informed them much early. They solaced me by not scolding. My parents advised me to achieve higher scores in the next exam.


This was the unhappy day of my life. I cannot forget the marks obtained by me. I cannot overlook this impertinent situation throughout my life.

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