Paragraph on a Visit to Railway Station – by Rajan

My visit to railway station was simply a memorable incident. Train is always the cheapest and contented mode of traveling as compared to airplanes and buses.

Therefore, railway station is always a place of large crowd and hustle.



I visited Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus railway station in the month of December. It is located in Mumbai. I found that place as a halting station for the railways. At this time, there are a lot of railway stations in India. All stations have different working manners, sizes and time schedules.

My experience:

I found this place fairly attractive and gigantic. The exceptional features include rows of big buildings constructed for the passengers, railway officers and the railway staff. There are many waiting rooms, offices, restaurants, police stations, fruit-stalls, book-stalls, mail-service rooms, ticket rooms and many more. It also has numerous railway platforms. The sheds of these platforms are overhead. The belling system, signaling system, and the over bridges are some of the added features of this railway station.

General depiction:

I curiously visited the buildings of railway officers. I saw the workplace of railway stationmaster. His office is placed nearby to the office of assistant stationmaster. I saw many people working in the enquiry office. There are separate workrooms for the clerks. The most hustle place on railway station is a booking window through which we purchase railway tickets.

The waiting room of passengers is divided into two separate grades. One is for the upper-class passengers while another is meant for the general-class passengers. These grades are created on the basis of ticket rates.


There are two police stations located inside this railway station. The police staff works 24 hours to verify and stop the crimes on station. They catch the passengers who try to cross the railway lines without making the use of over bridges. Even they work hard to stop the theft like practices.

I saw the office of railway mailing service providers. Their department is also called as R.M.S. This department has highly educated staff to serve the passengers.

The railway station has several food restaurants. Some of those are private restaurants while some restaurants are allotted by the Government. These restaurants provide good quality food for the passengers. The price of food on railway station is little high as compared to the local restaurants.

There are several book-stalls as well as fruit-stalls on the station. Long distance passengers purchase books or newspapers to read. The fruits-stalls have variety of fruits such as cherries, apple, coconut etc. There are many licensed hawkers and coolies. They work hard for the convenience of travelers. I saw that many people work on the railway station to get their daily bread and butter.

The signal posts are wisely located at the two ending zones of the railway station. Each signal post has a small irony bar colored in black and yellow shades. The horizontal position of this bar indicates a signal to Stop.


On a railway station, we come across various kinds of people. It was great experience to visit Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus railway station. I will visit this place once again.

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