Paragraph on Agitation in the Youth and Its Solutions – by Anand


Youth agitation has become a new phenomenon in the world with innumerable instances of student outbursts being reported from different nations of the world in the last three decades.


Youth agitation or youth unrest is a revolt by the student community or student activism.

The present day youth unrests have taken the revolutionary tone, which is why the Government is now concerned about the same.

Youth Agitation in India:

India has witnessed youth agitation in different parts and in different forms. The reasons for these agitations however remain absolutely unconnected. This is quite unlike the situation which existed a few decades back. Students and youth back then were not involved in such agitations and dharnas. However, with the changing times and circumstances, the youth have emerged as the responsible citizens of the country.


Instances of Youth Agitation in India:

Recently, a dispute between a group of students and the staff of the bus transport in Jabalpur, led to large scale strikes and demonstrations in the whole of Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh. Students went on strike in Lucknow University when there was a sudden change in the method of examination fee payment. A massive agitation started when the demands for setting up an Agricultural University in Vidharba region of Maharashtra was denied. Andhra students came to the streets in demand for a steel plant. In the region of Jammu and Kashmir, students agitated for the formation of an Agricultural University. The Banaras Hindu University also saw youth agitation recently. However, the most famous demonstration of youth agitation was seen in Osmania University, which is said to be the actual beginning of the Telangana dispute.

Pros and Cons of Youth Agitation:

Youth agitation helps in remedying the discrepancies in administration. It also helps in pushing the administration to not delay the work of the students which usually leads to a lot of adversity on the students. Youth agitation on a large scale can also help in shaking the governments so as to ensure better administration. However, there exists another side to this coin. Youth agitation, which takes the form of violence, can lead to unnecessary strikes and complete shutdown of administration. Youth agitation for unreasonable demands is also vague and hinders the progress of the university or institution.

How Can Youth Agitation Be Stopped?

There are a number of methods to stop or minimize youth agitation. A flexible administration which understands the reasonable needs and wants of the students can help solve the problem of youth agitation. Also, the government should not put any unnecessary restrictions on the students of a university which impinges their rights. Youth agitation can also be solved if there is proper negotiation and dialogue between the youth and the other party involved in the dispute with the help of a mediator.


Thus, youth agitation, which is a relatively new phenomenon, has two sides to it. The agitation for a legal purpose is catered to by the administration but the violent ones with no proper objective leads to violent clashes. These kinds of agitations should be stopped.

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