Paragraph on An Awkward Social Moment – by Anand


Last year on the eve of New Year celebrations, I experienced a rather awkward social moment in front of a huge gathering.


It was a very embarrassing moment for me as everyone was looking right at me.

An awkward social moment is always an experience which each one of us wishes to forget. It is not a very pleasant memory. If I could, even I would like to erase the same memory I have which keeps haunting me every time.

A Social Gathering:

It was on the occasion of New Years. We always have a family gathering at my aunt’s place on New Year’s Eve. She throws a party each year at her farmhouse which is on the outskirts of the town we live in. She had always led a lavish lifestyle and liked to boast a lot. Everyone in the family is invited along with many of her friends and relatives. It is always an exciting evening with music, cultural performances, great food and games. I usually don’t seem to recognize many of her guests as she has a large social circle and it is hard to keep track of everyone. Last year too, it was great fun until a situation happened which changed the course of my evening.


Description of the Awkward Moment:

I was enjoying the party with my friends whom I had invited as my aunty had asked. We were enjoying the food and were talking to each other. Suddenly the topic changed to my aunt. I loved my aunt except the fact that her habit of boasting was something which I did not admire. So I started telling my friends about her boastful nature. The music was loud so I started talking about it loudly. My friends couldn’t hear me still so I raised my voice further. Then all of a sudden the music stopped because of some technical glitch when I was shouting at the top of my voice as to how my aunt was a boast. Everyone was looking at me at that instance including my aunt. I had my hand on my mouth and was rendered speechless.

Aftermath of the Awkward Social Moment:

It was such an embarrassing moment as I was talking about my aunt behind her back in her own party. Everyone looked at me with scorn for a moment until the music resumed playing. My aunt had a look of disgust on her face and my parents were angrily looking at me. My friends started giggling when I hushed them up in anger. I went up to my aunt and apologized to her about the same. She was very angry but still she said that it was okay. My father took me to a corner and rebuked me for forgetting my manners and behavior. The evening turned out to be the worst.


The awkward social moment which I experienced was one of the most embarrassing in my life. I still can’t take the looks of my aunt, my parents and the guests out of my mind during that moment. It was a pleasant evening turned disastrous.

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