Paragraph on Animal Welfare…The Responsibility of World Citizens – by Shanu

Across the world animals are continuously being subjected to cruelty and abuse.

Hardly any specie of animal exists which is not subject to exploitation for human gains.


Majority of us eat meat, wear leather shoes and belts, and carry purses or vanity hand bags made from the skin of animals and reptiles.

The rarer the species, the costlier is the item. We don’t take the impact of our actions on our body, the environment or the animals. However this awareness of the impact is on the rise, albeit in a slow way and many people from almost all counties realize that animals need protection and are committed to animal welfare today.


Callousness or indifference towards the pain caused to animals is an important criterion. The persons at the lowest levels… say the killing of snakes for their skins have seen death of these reptiles once too often. These people make very little money in their jobs and lead very difficult lives filled with pain and sorrow. If they have to kill the snakes in a humane manner it will be a time consuming effort and they in turn, will earn less.

Hence they take off the skin and leave the snake to die a horrible death. Vanity of humans is another factor to be considered. It is a matter of pride for many to have skins and heads of exotic animals in their visiting room. They may be hunting the animals personally, which gives them an opportunity to brag or it is merely a show of their wealth. Killing of animals adds to the excitement of life for some.


Wild animals are randomly killed to protect property or crops albeit alternate ways of protecting the possessions may be there. Animal welfare activists therefore analyze the causes for such wanton killings and cruelty towards the animals and offer solutions to the problems.


Animal welfare activists have their own societies funded by either the governments of the respective countries or philanthropists. The common people need to be taught and made to understand the need to protect animals and the environment. Large scale projects are taken up by international bodies like the United Nations to save animals from extinction. There is however another problem which needs to be addressed when certain species are declared to be protected.

Effective methods must be put in place and made to work to stop poaching, since a ban on hunting or killing will increase the value of such animal products in the black markets of the world. Artificial products now have replaced the originals for instance animal fur coats, hand bags and other items of jewellery and cosmetic. The ego of the users is appeased by such innovative lookalike items. The fashion world has also made its presence felt in the effort to protect animal life.

Animal welfare considers two aspects, the first being to prevent cruelty, the other to provide medical aid for sick animals and shelter to abandoned or lost animals. Involvement of people who are in closest contact with animals will go a long way in protection and preservation of animal life.

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