Paragraph on Benefits of Homework – by Shanu

My teacher used to give me a lot of homework in my school. At that time, my first question to my parents was “Why I have to do Homework?”

Homework or assignment is necessary to improve your knowledge about a particular subject or topic.


The main objective of the homework is to enhance the reasoning skills and the ability of the student.

A teacher usually wanted students to read or write the topic that he has taught them in the school. By doing so, the student will come across the doubts and difficulties about the topic, and this will give them an opportunity to understand the topic or subject thoroughly. In general, homework assignment can involve a quantity of reading to be performed, or it may include writing an assignment, etc.

Why it is significant to do homework daily?

Homework is always considered as a daily practice or revision for the student to improve their learning skills. With their improved learning skills, they would able to be aware of subjects that the teacher is teaching them. Therefore, it is important to know about the benefits of homework. A tutor always tries to design homework that will relieve the subject that he has already taught his student.


It will help them to come across the difficulties to understand particular word or sentence. It will also help them to be prepared for upcoming lessons. Homework will broaden their knowledge, by applying what they have learned, to the new state of affairs. They can incorporate their intelligence by using various skills to a single task.

Many assignment designs by tutor give an opportunity to parents to contribute their efforts in their children’s education.

Disadvantages of not doing homework:

We all know that a practice makes a man perfect. However, there are opponents of homework. They defined homework as a ground work. That means, according to them homework is habitual or mechanical repetition of something to be learned. They are of the opinion that it can lead to stagnation of the growth of students’ learning abilities. But everybody has their opinion.

However, a perfectly designed homework will improve the learning and reasoning skills of the learner. It will develop an interest in them to know more and more about a particular topic or subject. An assignment will help them to gain expertise in their areas or subjects interested. Therefore, it is necessary for the student to spend some time on homework given by their teacher or tutor.

Design homework perfectly:

The learning abilities of the land will increase only if the tutor gives them a homework that serves a comprehensible purpose that matched to both the skills of the every learner and the current subject being taught in the class. Assessment upgrades the performance of homework, especially when it is given in a particular timely manner.

Effective assessment upgrades learning ability of the student by correcting misunderstanding, highlighting errors, and validating process. Therefore, the tutor must design homework by keeping the effectiveness of that assignment is mind.

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