Paragraph on Camel – by Anand


The camel is known as the ship of the desert. It is a tall four-footed animal which is usually found in the desert.

The camel is a cud-chewing mammal which is used as a draft or a saddle animal in such desert regions. It is a very useful animal as walking on the burning sand in the desert becomes a difficult job.


The life of a camel is very tough and it is rarely seen without work. Ne can usually find a camel in a desert region. They are mostly spotted in the regions of Africa, Arabian Peninsula, Thar Desert in India etc. The Arabian camels are known to be taller and larger in size.

Description of a Camel:

The camel’s body is covered with short fur of brown colour. It has a long and slender head. It has one of the longest necks for a mammal. The feet of the camel are flat to enable them to walk on the sand in the desert without sinking. The camel has a hump. In some regions, the camels might even have two humps. The hump is the place where the camel stores its food and water for days together as there is a dearth of the same in the desert regions. When the camel eats well, the hump grows bigger and it shrinks down when the camel has nothing to eat.

Life of a Camel:

The camel usually lives on trees and grass. It also feeds on the thorny shrubs of the desert land. The life of a camel begins with travelling long distances in search of food and water. Once it gets food and water, it stores them up in its hump. The water in its hump can last for a week and the food can last for fifteen days. Thus, a camel can go without food or water for days together. It then carries the belongings of its master when they move from place to place. The camel is very obedient to its master and is of a mild nature.

Importance of a Camel:

A camel can get the scent of water from miles away. It can also know when a sandstorm approaches. It is the most useful animal for man in the desert region. Man cannot do without a camel. The camel carries the belongings of a nomad tribe and also the nomads for long distances in the desert. This is the reason why they are called the ship of the desert. Arabs consider camels to be sacred animals. They feed camels and clothe them.



The camel is thus the most resourceful animal in the desert. Its meek nature makes it a very lovable animal. Man is usually helpless on long stretches of burning sand in the desert. He also tends to lose way at times. Thus, in the absence of water, food, trees, grass, plants and a guide, man’s greatest friend is the camel.

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