Paragraph on Charity Dinners – by Shanu

Picture this, you are spending a peaceful and pleasant evening in the company of good people and good food, and at the same time there is fund raising for a social cause that you support.

What can be better than this? Charity dinners are a great way of socializing with other respectable members of your society.


My parents also had one such charity dinner last night for raising funds for a cause they are working on.

My parents are ardent social workers and for last two years they have been working for the education of poor and needy children. This really makes me proud about my parents. So it was for the benefit of those poor children that my parents organized a charity dinner.

How to best organize it?

From my parents’ efforts for organizing the dinner, I also came to know a thing or two about organizing charity dinners.

These are as below:


1. Give 100% focus to your cause. Some people might like boasting. However, it would benefit you only if you do not let your guests forget the cause for which the dinner is organized.

2. Select an appropriate venue depending upon the cash you have.

3. You can use musical group or some speakers to make the program more exciting.

4. You can also use some pictures or paintings that support your cause.

5. Select a proper meal. You can chose between a buffet or separate tables with waiters for serving.

6. Send out the invitations to the dinner to everyone that you know or other people who are somehow connected to your cause.

What do you gain from it?

Apart from the fact that such dinner helps you in raising funds for the cause that you are supporting, these charity dinners also help you in numerous other ways. From creating a positive image about you and your cause to an increased promotion in media, such charity events help their hosts remarkably. By talking with your guest about your project you can also increase the number of sponsors for your cause.


This charity dinner last night was one great experience for me. I learnt a lot many things from it. I believe more and more people should think about organizing such charity dinners in their society so that we can help those who are in need.

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