Paragraph on Childhood Memories- by Anand


Childhood remains as the most cherished memory of one’s life. Those days have gone forever but have left a lasting imprint on our minds.

There is always a mixture of emotions associated with childhood memories. Some memories make us happy and some make us cry.


But overall, they form an integral part of our lives.

My Childhood:

The memories I have from my childhood are mostly pleasant with very less painful ones. I was born in an old town where my father worked as an employee of the Government. I don’t remember every little detail from my childhood. Our house was a Government employee’s quarter where I lived with my parents, grandparents and my little brother. There was a lawn besides the veranda of our house where my brother and I played all day. I remember a banyan tree in our backyard and an old lady who used to reside in a small house behind ours. She always used to sit on a rocking chair in the verandah of her house in the evening. At the same time, the neighbourhood ice-cream van used to pass by honking loudly. The market was also close-by where my grandpa used to take me for an evening stroll.

My School:

My childhood would be incomplete without my school. I still remember the first day at school when I was scared when I looked at other children crying when their parents were leaving them. Our teacher was very affectionate and calmed us all down with gentle words. We played football almost every afternoon and returned home with mud-stained pants.

Memories of My Village:

My village was a beautiful place with lush greenery and bullock carts being the common sight. I used to visit my village during vacations with my parents. My grandpa’s house was situated amidst two corn fields. There was a pond just behind the house where one could spot ducklings if lucky. The village market was another prominent feature of the area which bustled with people during evenings. There was a small bridge over the pond where I remember to have once slipped and fell into the pond, following which my parents had almost collapsed in worry. This is one rare unpleasant memory I have from my childhood.



Even today, after years, whenever I think of my childhood, I always end up being lost in the memories. Though years have gone by, I still yearn to relive those moments once again. Those were the best days of my life.

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