Paragraph on Communicative Speaking

By speaking we communicate our thoughts and ideas to others. It is an important attribute for succeeding in modern society.

This is for, no matter how brilliant or hard working you are, unless you are able to communicate your thoughts and ideas effectively, success will always elude you.


It is therefore imperative to strengthen your speaking / communication skills to achieve success in life. Like other skills, it is slightly more com­plicated than it seems, for it involves more than just pronouncing words. Normally we find ourselves in three kinds of speaking situations interactive, partially interactive, and non-interactive speaking situations.

A. Interactive speaking situation include face-to-face conversations or telephone calls, in which we alternately listen and speak and have a chance to ask for clarification or repetition.

B. Partially interactive speaking situation are when giving a speech to a live audience, the audience does not interrupt the speech. The speaker nevertheless can see the audience and judge from the expression on their faces and body language whether he or she is being understood. This is followed by a discus­sion wherein the audience seeks answers to their queries from the speaker.

C. Totally non-interactive speaking situation such as recording a speech for a radio broadcast.


We are required to follow the partially interactive speaking situation for the internal assessment of examination. This requires the students to select one topic from the five topics, prepare his presentation in an hour’s time and speak on it for about two min­utes.

The student may refer to brief notes in the course of the presentation, but reading or excessive dependence on notes would be penalized. This is followed by a discussion on the same with the examiner, who would ask few questions on the presentation.

The subject for presentation may include narrating an experience, providing a descrip­tion, giving direction how to make or operate something, expressing an opinion, giving a report, relating an anecdote, or commenting on a current event.

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