Paragraph on Controlling Begging in India – by Jenny


Come to India, and in every state on every street or lane you would see people around in old rags, all skinny, some with uncombed hair, some with kids, some handicapped and the list just goes on, begging all around.

The concept or view about India, from an outer view always remains this way and is our responsibility as Indians to make a change in the perception of how people view our country.

Controlling Begging:


Begging is the new mafia these days. Children robbed, people kidnapped and tortured all for this large business. They are transformed within no time to someone who would never be recognizable and made to beg on streets. Public is sympathetic and hence begging has been on an increase from the past. Neither do these beggars get what they have begged for the entire day, nor do they get away from these dark and dirty hands of these crooks behind this business.

Begging cannot be washed away soon. It has been grown over the past years and now people are deliberately put to starve, for that skinny look or kids drugged with heavy dosage of drugs to be drowsy and sluggish. It is the melting hearts of people, that is been taken advantage off. India as a whole has to fight back.

What can be done?

There are many institutions that support the orphan and abandoned children and the old. It is always better to be in one of these places or to take these lost begging people to these places. It is not an easy task, but over a period of time, it may become possible. In this way, children would get a chance to study and not be engaged in criminal and offensive activities and the elderly people be properly fed and engaged in some kind of useful work. In this manner, the number of beggars on the road could be decreased gradually and the mafia be bought to an end.

Another option is that, instead of offering them money, buy them food and make them have it in your presence. In this manner, at least you could be sure that you have fed somebody without food for one meal at least and the racket leaders cannot take away money from them and leave them to starve. Mostly small children seen on the roads are the ones that might have been kidnapped from some good families and made them in to such an unrecognizable form that the kids parents themselves would not know them.



Though begging cannot be brought to an end abruptly, joining hands, the citizens of India could overcome this situation over time and change the face of India to a brighter and smiling faces rather than faces that have tears, dirt and rags. The more beggars, the more it reflects our standards, the less the beggars, it would uplift our standards among other countries.

It is something like, when he hear Africa, the first picture that comes to our minds are the Somalia kids. Similarly, when the rest of the world hears the name India, children in rags and dirt is what hits their minds as of now. It is our responsibility as a whole to change this way of thinking to merrier and happier faces.

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