Paragraph on Corruption in India – by Anand


Corruption basically means lack of honesty or using one’s authority for dishonest gains.

Corruption exists all over the world but in India, it is rampant. India ranks amongst the most corrupted nations in the world today.


Corruption exists in every sector of our country, be it education, health, administrative, etc. Though India is taking major steps towards tackling corruption, there is still a long way to go.

Causes of Corruption:

Corruption has innumerable causes. The primary reason why corruption began was to facilitate work. People wanted their work done as quickly as possible and hence they started giving the officials a little extra money called bribe to get it done. Another cause is the presence of a weak government and weaker bureaucracy.

Even the laws on corruption, despite being non-transparent, are not implemented properly. Other causes of corruption in India include unreasonable regulations on the citizens, excessive imposition of taxes and monopoly and misuse of power by the government.

Effects of Corruption:

The effects of corruption affect the political, economic and social sectors. Corruption strikes a blow at rule of law and the concept of democracy. The government’s legitimacy declines and people lose faith in the bureaucracy. Other negative effects which result because of corruption in India are reduction in the national wealth, weakening of political participation, misallocation of resources like food and water, increasing poverty, social inequality, social unrest etc.

Solutions to Reduce Corruption:


Corruption is a phenomenon which cannot be eradicated entirely but it is possible to reduce corruption by employing certain objectives. The people involved in corruption, even the ones who give minor bribes, must understand the harmful impacts of corruption on the society.

A responsible and honest government must be elected by the citizens so as to ensure transparency and accountability. The judiciary should dispose the corruption cases speedily and give harsh punishment to the perpetrators so as to ensure deterrence. Anti-corruption laws must be drafted and implemented effectively.

The individual vigilance bodies must be kept aloof from the influence of the government because even the government is involved in corruption most of the times. There should also be a better training of the civil servants in the country.


Corruption is a blot on the face of our nation and steps to mitigate it must be taken without delay. Before expecting the government, the private bodies and officials to come clean, the citizens of this nation must also ensure that they don’t pay or accept bribes. If the people of this country start thinking differently, corruption would definitely minimize.

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