Paragraph on Corruption in India – by Rajan

Corruption in India has reached its peak level during last few years.

By looking at the pace with which corruption is spreading into our society, we can definitely say that it has become widespread over a certain course of time.



India; it is a big country having the origin of ideals such as Sardar Patel, Bhagat Singh, Veer Savarkar etc. Nowadays, it is going through a serious issue called corruption. The corruption has become prevalent in almost all fields including public affairs, government sector, business sector, and even education field.


Increasing needs:

It is one major source to the corruption. Everything has become expensive to that extent when a salary seems to be insufficient to cope up the increasing needs. As a result, corruption or additional money has rooted its legs.

The government office is considered as the most corrupted place in the country. If you want to get your work done then you don’t need to do anything apart from put forwarding little bucks of money.


Growing competition:

It can be an additional cause of corruption. Someone has wisely said that where there is competition there is a corruption. For an instance, students need to pay a huge amount of money by means of donation to get admission into desired school or college. Also, you need to pay money illegally for getting the job that has hundreds of applicants.

Broken trust: It has seen that the administrators who are deputed to prevent or control the corruption matters have become corrupt themselves. Several political leaders are engaged into a certain kind of corruption case. As a result, people have lost their trust from the governing committees. They too have started thinking to take part into the cycle.

Increased crimes:

We never expect anything good from the criminals. But we do expect strict actions from the police force. We consider policeman as an icon of discipline. Unfortunately, corruption has not left them also. We can see several police officers taking a black money from the criminals.

These are some of the causes of corruption. We cannot completely stop the corruption at once. However, we can definitely prevent the corruption.


Say No:

This seems to be unrealistic and impractical but we must learn to say no to the illegal money. It might affect our work or take more than usual time to complete the work. But it will definitely stop us from becoming corrupted.

Good Governance:
Government has scaled a certain set of rules for the individuals such as paying tax on time, giving complaints against corrupted people etc. We must support these guidelines. Our government has given us great power by means of “Right to Information”. We must utilize this right whenever we see anything illegal.


Corruption in India can be controlled only through unity. In a democratic system, there is no weapon as powerful as the unity among people. Corruption becomes intense when people support it, but it becomes weak when protested in unity.

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