Paragraph on Cow – by Rajan Karle


The cow is a domestic animal and offers great service to the society. Cows are always been useful to the man in various ways.

Body type:

Cows have four legs and a long tail. Excluding the two horns, the remaining body parts of a cow are the same as that of other domestic animals.


The cow possesses a soft body with short hair spread all over. She possesses separated hoofs. Cow is a herbivorous animal.

There are various breeds available in the cows. They can also be divided on the basis of body color. Cows found in four colors viz. white, black, red, and miscellaneous color spots. The shape, size, and color of cows vary depending on the country and its breed


Cows get to see in every corner of the world. Where there is an existence of man there will be the existence of cows. However, wild cows also exist that subsist in the forest. The main food of cows is a grass; especially the green grass. They also feed on man-made food items such as rice bran, wheat, oil cakes etc. Thus, the existence of cows can be found in the place where proper supply of green grass and water is available.


There is no other domestic animal as useful as cows. Each and every item bestowed by her body is useful to the man. The basic and well-known use of cows is the milk which is a perfect food with lots of nutrition.. Thus, cow is the actual source of milk, cheese, butter, curd, ghee, and many other items for daily consumption. Cow’s milk is considered as a must drink for the children and old people.. It contains a huge amount of vitamins.


Another useful element sourced by a cow is the dung. Dung can be used in a variety of ways such as compost, fertilizer, and a combustible item. The third useful element sourced by a cow is her urine. Her urine is used as propitious and sacred water with medicinal properties. Their horns are used for making combs and decorative items.


Cows are always been friendly to the man. They are calm and provide no harm to the man. The bull or ox is referred to as a male cow. They spend much time on sleeping. Also, a cow spends most of her time in sitting position. They eat a bunch of grass at once and keep chewing it for the whole day. She takes good care of her calf. She shows her love towards her calf by licking the calf’s body.


We must take good care of this beautiful animal and should be treated kindly. In case, if we see injured and helpless cow anywhere then we must carry out the necessary medical treatments. Besides this, she must be provided with a proper, neat, and clean shed that can protect her from the sunrays as well as the rain.

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