Paragraph on Crow- The Black Bird – by Shanu

Of all the birds, crows, is the probably most ignored species of birds. A crow is a glossy black feathered bird that is found in most parts of the world except in some regions of South America.

They are a very gentle breed of birds and are mostly scavengers. They can grow to about one and a half foot in length. It has quite a harsh voice and is sometimes disagreeable to listen to.


They come under the species of Corvus. They are a distant relative of Ravens which also come under the same species. They are very intelligent and can be even trained to become masterful mimics.

What do they eat?

Crows are omnivorous, meaning they can survive both on meat as well as vegetables. Usually, their diet includes berries, eggs of other birds and also carrion. The crow is essentially the nature’s scavenger. They are also known to store the meat inside the branches of the trees for consuming it sometime later.

Crows are quite unpopular among the farmers as they also feed on grain crops and cause great loss to the farmers by destroying their crops. Sometimes, when they cannot find their own food they steal from other animals. Crows are also known to team up with other crows for finding and stealing food from vultures and water birds.

General Habits:

Crows live in a close knit group or families that not only hunt together but also protect their young ones together. Quite strangely, a group of crows is called a ‘murder.’ However, there are not most species of crows that live in a group. They usually build their nest somewhere high with broken twigs and sticks. Crows are highly territorial. A crow has defective eyesight. It compensates this defect by tilting its head to get a better view of an object. Its natural enemies are owls and some larger hawks. A crow can live up to thirteen years in the wild and for up to twenty years in captivity.


There are many superstitions associated with a crow. It is probably due to its appearance. However, they are known to be the most intelligent birds and are always able to detect danger. Crows can also be taught to mimic voices and can also be made to learn up to 100 words. They can also be trained to carry messages. Thus, even though it is disliked on account of its voice and color, a crow is still a very useful bird as a pet.

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