Paragraph on Dedication – by Silki


Dedication is the answer to almost all problems in life. Dedication has many different meanings.

But all of them indicate at a sole devotion to something in life. When you love something, you want to do anything for it under any condition and without any regret, this is called dedication.


For example, you love to build flower garden. Now, you will need several things for that to happen. You will have to give time and work very hard being dedicated. After all, your sole purpose is to build a garden with many beautiful plants. So, the time you give and the hard work you give with consistency will be called your dedication.

Importance of Dedication:

I think dedication is the ultimate key to get success in life. If you’ve understood what dedication is till now, it won’t be hard for you to realize that it drives your most of the action. Dedication is an intensity of will power. If you wish to get something, you work hard for it with dedication. This means when you wish to achieve a goal, you keep on trying for it, being completely honest to yourself. Dedication is like devotion of your soul. You devote your mind and energy to make a good thing happen.

If you want to succeed in life, you have to understand the importance of dedication. Dedication is like a passion. You continue to work hard until you achieve a goal. Also, dedication is the commitment. This means you commit to yourself to make a dream come true, or do something very good for the society overall. Dedication keeps your energy intact. If you are being impatient and not being able to keep up with complications, try to be dedicated. Dedication keeps you mentally strong and helps you forget a pain.

Be Dedicated to Succeed:

What I mean is that nobody achieves success without being dedicated. Dedication is the road to happiness. It helps you not to fear anything. If you are a student, your life aim is to read and get a good education so that you can compete. Dedication will help you stay consistent at your goal. If you’ve no dedication, you will give up on your goal too soon.


How to become dedicated? There is really no such well defined formula to become dedicated. It’s like self realization. You must understand and love your aim so much so that you become dedicated to it. When you become dedicated, you promise yourself not to give up on your dream no matter what. It makes you determined and strong to chase your goal and hunt your dream. Dedication simplifies many things in life. It will keep you concentrated. Dedication will help you overcome many obstacles or bad things in life.


So, learn more about dedication and importance of dedication. It’s simple. Dedication is a virtue. You just have to learn to be dedicated to be successful in life. Being dedicated is like being sincere and honest to a particular aim in life. Love your dream and passion to be dedicated. It will only make your life simple.

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