Paragraph on Discontent Among Youth – by Supriya


Recent reports published by the British Council have revealed widespread frustration and dissatisfaction among the youth in various parts of the world.


These reports have been published on the basis of interviews of 18 to 29 year olds.

The main highlights of these reports suggest that the major reason behind this discontentment is bleak socio-economic prospects resulting from underemployment, unemployment and insufficient public services such as quality education, etc.

Other major reasons behind the discontentment of youths include the following:

a. Body image


b. Sibling rivalry

c. Parents divorce

d. Teenage pregnancy

e. Practicing safe sex

f. First love & teen dating

g. Eating disorders

h. Weight struggles

i. Acne

How to identify discontentment among youth?

When young children feel wronged, disappointed, sad, they need support from their elders especially teachers and parents. Prevention is always better than treating discontentment. Many a times it becomes difficult for parents & teachers to recognize discontentment in teens because of frequent status changes. Also they fail to express their feelings & hide their problems.

But the following symptoms can help to recognize such problems:

a. Poor school performance

b. Rejection in talking to family members/friends or engaging in social or school activities

c. Pessimism or sadness

d. Lack of motivation, energy, enthusiasm

e. Nervousness and agitation

f. Feeling of guilt, rejection, shame and lack of self esteem

g. Forgetfulness, indecision and lack of concentration

h. Sleep problems and lack of appetite

i. Abuse of painkiller pills

j. Suicidal thoughts

k. Poems or drawings about death

l. Irrational behavior

Consequences of discontentment:

When teenagers fail to overcome discontentment they end up taking drugs or drinking alcohol. They can also end up treating their teachers or friends or family members or office colleagues badly. The consequences of discontentment can even lead to crimes like murder, suicide, attempt to suicide, accidents, etc..


Discontentment when occurring in teenagers should be taken very seriously. As we know adolescence is a stage of major changes both emotionally as well as physically. The results of these changes are due to attitudes of teachers, family, friends, life experiences or family background which can lead to the feeling of disappointment and rejection. The youth have been going directionless. A sense of dissatisfaction and desperation is seen among the youth. They require a sense of direction, responsibility and involvement.

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